Convert a crochet to a knit?

Hi everyone!!

I am BRAND new here so I hope y’all don’t mind helping a newby. What an amazing resource this site is, I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until now!!

There has been a pin floating around Pinterest that has caught my eye. Except, it’s for a crochet pattern and I am a TERRIBLE crocheter.

What I’m wondering is… would there be an easy way to convert this to knitting? Apparently it’s an incredibly easy crochet pattern but I literally don’t even know where (or how!) to start with a hook.

What do you all think?? Can this be converted to an easy knit pattern? OR am I going to have to finally learn to crochet once and for all if I want to make these?

(Oops, apparently I can’t post the link in here… I’ll post it in a comment right below.);topicseen#

It’s really not easy, if not impossible, to convert a crochet pattern to knit. Stitches are different and gauge is different. There are lots of knit patterns that are a similar shape though and you can find them with a textured stitch. Or if you’re comfortable with pattern design you can maybe do that, too.

Do you need patterns knit flat and seamed for straight needles or can you knit in the round?

Yeah, it’s hard to change one to the other because the sts are different. You can do something the same shape, and a similar texture though. They’re done using 2 strands held together and the equivalent of a size 11 or 13 needle, or you could use a bulky yarn. There should be a few patterns for socks or slipper socks (also sometimes called house socks) and if you did them in seed or garter stitch or with the purl side of stockinette facing out could be a similar texture.

Okay! Thanks Jan & Sue! That does help me knowing conversion is nearly impossible.

Jan: I MUCH prefer knitting on circular needles… is that what you meant by knitting in the round? (Sorry, I’m really not up on my knitting terminology – I’m getting back into it after a number of years away.)

Well, you can knit flat with circulars, but when you join the sts to make a tube, you’re knitting in the round.

If for some reason you can’t knit this up the way you want it, you should definitely try the crocheted version. It looks like it’s basically just one stitch around and around and around–a single crochet. And crocheting in the round is much easier than knitting in the round (semantics wise–as in, you don’t need multiple hooks to “hold” your stitches).

Good luck!

I think a sock knit in moss stitch (I think that’s what it’s called, k2 p2 for 2 rows then p2 k2 for 2 rows) would look similar and be warmer because you wouldn’t have the holes of crocheting. I think I’ll try this is in chunky yarn. Thanks for the idea! If other patterns are suggested here, I might try one of them instead.

I was thinking seed stitch - k1 p1, then knit the purls and purl the knits - would look more like the texture in the crocheted one.


Duh.:zombie: I need a coffee IV, anyone know how to set it up? LOL Sue, I said moss stitch, but meant double seed stitch. :zombie:

Someone just wake me up when we get there.

The problem is starting… crocheting in the round is easy peasy. It’s getting going!

I’m going to have to call on someone for help on starting this thing. Like I said, I’d rather knit it but that’s clearly not going to be an option here.

Thanks for your help everyone! I am bound and determined to learn these slippers!!

You’re not too wrong - what we call seed st is called moss stitch in the UK. Here’s the difference:

UK seed stitch is a stockinette background with an occasional purl stitch
US seed stitch is alternating knits and purls across the row and up the columns

UK moss stitch is the same as US seed stitch
US moss stitch is alternating knits and purls across the row for two rows, and then alternating purls and knits for two rows.

UK double moss stitch is the same as US moss stitch
US double moss stitch is two knits alternating with two purls across the row and up the columns

UK box stitch is the same as US double moss stitch

The crochet pattern starts:

ch 2. 6 hdc in first ch. join

If you aren’t familiar with magic circle in crochet for starting a circle, you might want to check it out. I find it works much better for me.

Sue, I’m going to add some aspirin to my coffee.:eyebrow2: Thanks! That’s interesting and helpful to know.

OOOOH!!! Gramma! That is SUPER helpful!!

So, with that in mind, can you translate the pattern for me into English!? :slight_smile: In the video, when she’s wrapping the two loops around her middle finger, is that the “ch 2.” part? OR is that just the slip knot?

The video shows how to do the circle [I]instead[/I] of the chain 2. Then you do the 6 hdc in it.

OHHHHH. Wow, I’m not too bright, eh? :slight_smile:

So, Sue, if I did the circle instead of chain 2, where would I pick up the pattern?

IF I understand what you’re asking, that would be akin to the slip knot you use to start a chain. I looked for written instructions and found this It’s done a bit differently in the written instructions than in the video but it might help you understand it. (I had one bookmarked that I liked better but when my old computer died…) The only way to know how to do it is to do it, at least for me. The worst that will happen is you’ll have to toss a bit of knotty yarn.

In the video @ about 1:07 where she says she’s going to do 6 (sc) you would chain 2 instead of working into the ring as for a single crochet and the ch 2 would count as a hdc as called for in the pattern. If you are more comfortable starting with sc I don’t think it would make any real difference in your socks, just go to hdc in the 2nd rnd.

There are lots of videos for magic circle, magic ring, adjustable loop (it might go by other names as well) so you might want to look at several and find the one that’s best for you.

I’ll check back to see how you’re doing. I might just have to crochet a set as you do yours, just for the fun of it. I haven’t crocheted socks in ages.

That’s awesome, thanks GG!! I’ve got some yarn I’ll experiment with before actually trying to start these things. I’ll throw it away if it refuses to cooperate. And I’ll update you once I’ve given it a go. I’m sure I’ll have more questions.

I tell ya, how did anyone learn anything before YouTube?! :wink: Me, anyway. hehe.

Yes, do update on this. We can have CAL. I have some acrylic yarn in my stash that I think I’ll use. I’ve not crocheted much for over a year, knitting is easier on my hands but I do miss it. This will be great.

I love videos for learning things and if one doesn’t work for me, another will. Without the videos on this site, I don’t think I’d have been able to manage knitting. The people here are terrific and so helpful.

Hi again! Well, it took several days of trying but I finally got that circle. (I really should have been listening to the video with the sound ON. Not kidding.)

GG, can you guide me as to my next step? I did the circle and the first round in SC, just following her video instructions. What do I do next?

These would be the next lines in the instructions:

[I]ch 2. 2 hdc in each stitch around. join.[/I]

Do I now follow the pattern? OR can I just keep knitting around that circle I made?

(Sorry, I really feel like an idiot here…!)

Then this is the rest of the pattern:
ch 2. 1 hdc in next st. 2 hdc in next st. repeat around. join.

ch 2. 1 hdc in each st around. Join. Do this till toe area is the length you want.

I can’t believe how much this is confounding me!