Convert a crochet pattern

I really want to crochet an owl motif to put on a card for a friend who is laid up with back ache. I have found the pattern but it is on a Japanese web site, (Ravelry, crochet a little) and in diagram form instead of the written version I am used to. I cannot add a photo or even an url as I am new to this forum but is there anyone out there who could find this little owl and translate him for me? fingers crossed and thanks in anticipation

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I don’t know how diligent the owners of this website are about copyright, but asking someone else to transcribe a crochet pattern into knitting (or a knitting pattern into crochet, the direction I’m more used to receiving requests for…) without the consent of the copyright-holder, is against the copyright conventions.

How large an owl motif are you looking for? Probably lots of folks here on the forum know where one can be found in the knitting world. The Japanese stitch diagrams, if that’s what you’re looking at in Ravelry, are a world unto themselves. I can do charts until the cows come home, but Japanese stitch diagrams? Ah…no, whole 'nother thing.

So…how large an owl? What gauge yarn, approx.? Etc.


DCM, I think she’s asking to translate the crochet chart into crochet written directions, so no converting from crochet to knit here.

I understand some of this chart, but not enough yet to do written directions.

Thank you Antares, that is exactly my point and DCM, yes these stitch diagrams are a whole new world but thanks for looking and I live in hope that someone out there is plugged into that world as it is exactly what I want to decorate a card

I’m almost finished writing out the pattern as I crochet the owl, but I’m no expert at writing our patterns, so my rendition might not be very helpful.

This diagram is actually very simple and is based on the American method of crocheting (from what I can tell). Once you learn the symbols for the stitches, this one is easy to follow.

I know some people don’t like diagrams, but please give this a shot by studying the following explanations and diagrams:

Below are the written directions for the pattern; HOWEVER, I strongly recommend using these in conjunction with the diagram.


Starting with the eyes:
Ch 6, sl st in first ch to form left eye; ch 7, sl st in sixth ch from hook to form right eye.
Sl st in next 2 ch around ring just made (right eye); ch 4 for first dc and ch 1, (dc, ch1) 6 times in ring (in right eye), dc; 2 tr in ch sp between rings (between eyes). In next ring (left eye), dc, (ch 1, dc) 9 times: (10 dc and 9 ch sps). For left eye, place markers in seventh ch sp and in ninth ch sp.

Skip to next ring (right eye), (dc, ch 1); place marker in ch sp just made; dc, ch 1. Join with slip stitch to third ch of ch 4. Turn. (Eyes completed)

Slip st in next ch; ch 4; 2 tr in same ch sp. Dc in marked ch sp on right eye; ch 5; hdc into post of dc just made; dc into right-hand marked ch sp on left eye; ch 5; hdc into post of dc just made. Skip 1 ch sp on left eye, 3 tr into next marked ch sp. Turn.

Next row: Ch 4, 2 tr-cluster over next 2 tr; ch 2, sc in next ch 5 loop; ch 5, sc in next ch 5 loop; ch 2; 2 tr-cluster over next two tr; tr in top of ch 4. Turn.

Next row: Ch. 4; tr in top of next cluster; sc in next ch 5 loop; 2 tr-cluster in top of next cluster and in top of ch 4. Turn. (Body complete)

Feet and twig:
Ch 3; hdc in top of cluster; ch 1; hdc, ch 1, hdc in tr (feet completed)
Ch 13, turn.
Working through back loops of chs, sc in second ch from hook; hdc in next ch; dc in next 2 chs; hdc in next ch; sc in next ch; sl st in nect 2 chs (top leaf finished)

Ch 8, turn, sc in second ch from hook, hdc in next ch, dc in next 2 chs, hdc in next ch, sc in next ch, sl st in next ch and in fifth ch of previous ch 13 (bottom leaf finished)

Sc in next 4 ch, sc in hdc (foot), in next ch, in hdc (foot), in next ch, in hdc (foot), in next ch, and in end of ch 2 (foot). (right part of twig complete)

Ch 6, turn, sc in second ch from hook and in next 4 chs. Join with sl st to top of ch 2 of left foot. Fasten off.

A very big thank you to antares for “translating” my crochet pattern.
I have finally produced an adequate “owl” but have to admit to findng
it anything but easy, espacially at 3rd row of body and there after.
Been very busy with family, as soon as I have a moment, will photograph completed card and hopefully post for you to see…happy crocheting… I am going to learn to make dorset buttons after the busy festive season, just for a change!!!

I’m glad you were able to complete an owl that you’re happy with–in spite of my directions, which may not have been very clear.

Yes, please post a picture when you get a chance. We would love to see it.

Oh, and I have a site marked for how to make dorset buttons. I’m thinking of using them on the cardigan I’m making.

sorry taken so long to get back to you Antares, only just downloaded the image… herewith the finished article, I hope!
and again, many thank for all your help

What a cute, creative Christmas card! I love it!

I’m glad my pattern translation was of some help to you.

Thanks for posting the picture!