Conversion of hat pattern

I need a mathmatician…or someone who knows HOW to do this :wink: …is it possible to convert this pattern to circular needles?

Here are the instructions:


Here’s my whack at it… definitely not a mathematician, but I figured I’d try.

Cast on 78 sts, place marker.
Work 11" in K2 P2 ribbing.
Work 1 round in K2tog P2tog instead of K2 P2.
Work 5 rounds of P1 K1 ribbing.
Work 1 row of K2tog.
Knit 1 row.
Work another row of K2tog.
Break off yarn, draw through remaining 10 sts, fasten securely.

If I’ve omitted any important details that would make the final project look weird, someone who actually knows what they’re doing can correct me. :wink:

Good job tab :cheering:

The only thing I’d change is to only cast on 76 stitches, then the K2P2 rib will go around evenly. (Or cast on 80 stitches - same reason).


Whoops, I didn’t think to do the simple division to work that out - I just assumed it’d go. :oops:

hugs :wink:

:mrgreen: I so envy those of you who are a whiz at this…THANKS…I would have been :?? for eternity :wink: