Contrasting Colours - Finding Info

Hey guys!

So I’ve been knitting for a while now, and I am starting to wonder how to do designs that use a main and contrasting colours in order to form patterns and shapes. Usually google is fantastic for knitting, but when I google this, all I get is changing from one colour to another, as in doing stripes. Does anyone know exactly what I should google, or any good websites that explain how to do this?



There are several methods: (not a complete list)
Two color
Two color Fair isle
Knitting help has/had some very helpful videos. I haven’t tried to view them recently.

To add to the previous poster’s list, I’d suggest maybe mosaic, which is worked slipping stitches and thus you only use one color at a time. You can search YouTube using any of those terms and get examples.

You could try a dishcloth or blanket square using different techniques to see what’s what. There’s quite a few free options on Ravelry you could choose from.

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Hey guys! Thanks so much, I followed your advice and looked up several types of stranded knitting. And I’ve made a very fetching hat :slight_smile:

One more knitting mystery uncovered!

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