Continue in rib and garter stitch each side?

I am working on Drops pattern 121-13. This is what I just did:

Work next row as follows from WS:2 garter sts, P2, * K2 in next st, P2, *, repeat from - a total of 6 times and finish with 8 garter stitches = 36 sts.

[B]I am now on: Continue in rib and garter stitch each side. When piece measures 20 cm work next row from RS as follows: 8 garter stitches, * K2, P2 tog *, repeat from - until 4 sts remain, K2 and 2 garter sts = 30 sts.[/B]

Please help me with the bolded items! I am lost!

What it means is that the first 2 sts and last 8 sts will be done in garter stitch (knit them on each row), and the sts between them will be done in the rib stitch.

I’m not understanding what the rib stitch is?

It’s k2 p2. On this row you increase sts - P2, * [B]K2 in next st[/B], P2 * - to set up the ribbing. P2, then kfb in the next st, p2, kfb in next st, and so on. On the next row, after the garter st edge over 8 sts, knit the sts that look like knits and purl the sts that look like purls.