Continental Speed Issue

I knit the continental way, and it just boggled me as I was watching Amy as to how fast she knits away! I’d like to be as fast as that, or relatively close (especially purling!), so here’s why I am slower, if someone might be able to help me go faster:

Every few stitches I have to push more stitches toward the tip of the needle, this slows me down considerably, and I don’t know how to keep the flow of the stitches continuous (without having to push them after working a few). It’s actually quite frustrating when I have to knit a long row of stitches.

It’s possible for me to make a video of my knitting ways in case someone wants to see it to help me. :happydance:

I’m knitting a pair of socks right now, and this is what I have been doing when I want to speed things along.

When I’m ready to start a new side, I push the stitches for both sock halves past the join and onto the needle. Then, I use the position of my left hand on the needle to “help” the stitches move up as I push the left needle back with my right index finger. Pushing the left needle back makes the stitches slip off the needle easier once they have been knitted. When I’m almost at the end of the row, I sometimes slip my ring finger behind the last stitch to get more leverage.

I use the right hand the same way on the right needle to push the knitted stitches out of the way, thus making room for more. As I put the right needle into the stitch to be knitted, I push back against the stitches in the right needle with my fingers that are curled around the needle.

I’m not sure how clear that is. :shrug:

That makes a lot of sense! Thanks, I’ll try to keep that in mind when knitting the next row on my socks :slight_smile: