Continental - purling sts falling off

:?? when purling how is the working thread manuvered to complete the purl, without falling off pls HELP?

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I just recently learned Continental knitting from Amy’s videos since I’m left handed and thought it might be more natural. I love it, made my stitches much looser and more even…but I do still find purling somewhat awkward until I get into my groove. Here’s what I do to work the yarn:

Assuming you hold that working yarn like in Amy’s video (wrapped around the pinky and then the index finger), I basically take my thumb and middle finger to pinch the yarn, pull it down and wrap, and hold it there or push it wherever it needs to go to get the purl stitch thru. It’s probably more work, but I was having the same problem with stitches falling off and this fixed that…and it’s become a pretty smooth movement for me. Hope it helps!

I’m a thrower not a picker (I throw with my left hand), but for purling I use my thumb to wrap it. I haven’t figured out a better way that my fingers want to do.

Amy seems to use her index finger to push the thread down so she can pick it with her needle. It looks very easy on the fingers, I should practice doing that sometime.

When I purl, I hold my LH needle between my 2nd and 3rd fingers, and use the first finger and thumb to lift the yarn over top of the RH needle.