Continental Purl with Thumb

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine and was saying that I’m really enjoying switching from english to continental, but was complaining about how tired my fingers can get when I’m purling a large project. He suggested that I try using my thumb to purl instead of my forefinger.

Can someone explain how this works? Or does anyone know of a video that would show how this works. I have my own ideas of how this works but just can’t picture and don’t know how to start. Suggestions?

I knit Continental, but don’t use my thumb for purling. I use my middle finger (counting my thumb as a finger). I do it exactly like Amy (the gal who does the videos on this site). I know there are people who use their thumbs. I just tried it and it seems harder to me, and I have trouble with my left thumb from just holding the needle, so I don’t think it would like doing this. :lol: But I know lots of things that don’t work for me work for others. I don’t know of a specific video I can suggest, but if I was looking for this sort of thing, I would try You-tube. You can search their site and they have a lot of knitting videos.

I usually use my thumb. I’m trying to get used to carrying the yarn way back on my index finger instead, where it’s easier to hook, but the thumb grabs as soon as I’m not paying close attention. Wait a minute, I’ve got a beret here with a bunch of seed stitch…let me see…

Ah. Even seed stitch will work. Just grab the yarn kind of loosely between your thumb and forefinger and pick away. I don’t wrap it around any fingers–the drag under the rest of my hand is enough tension. It’s fast enough like that, but if I could get in the further back on the finger habit it would be a lot faster.