Continental Knitting

I knit the continental way and am working on a pattern that uses multiple colors. I knit with one color 6 stitches then switch to the second color for 27 stitches then back to the first color for the last 6. How can I continental knit while carrying the second color behind the other? Is it even possible?

I knit Continental as my preferred knitting style. But I also know how to knit English style. There is a way to catch the unused color in every few stitches to bring it along to where it will be needed. But…it uses both methods of knitting, kind of. You don’t really knit the English way necessarily but you do use both hands. It’s a little complicated to describe. Here is a link to a site that shows how to do it. LINK

There is more about handling 2 colors on this page, but you want to look down to the 3rd page (its a PDF file) to a part called Wrapping the Yarn While You Knit.

There may be other ways, some that are even simpler but this is real slick once you learn it.
This is the best vedeo I’ve found showing how to knit with 2 different colors and carry one across the back.

I seem to remember a member here by the name Marni. I found she has a collection of video’s on fair isle color work on a pattern for (glove + mittens = Glittens)

I’ll look to find a link.
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I knit english normally, but I taught myself continental for a ribbed scarf and I use both hands when knitting fair isle. I learned at the philosophers wool link. You CAN do fair isle with continental only though if you prefer and I think a link was given. There is a video here as well under advanced techniques.

Thank You everyone for posting these useful links to help me!

I carry one yarn over my left middle finger and the other over my index the regular way, and it works for me. Your mileage may vary :wink: