Continental Knitting

HI everyone, I too am trying to knit conti style!!! I have watched all videos posted here, tried Amy’s technique (can’t get my second finger to pull down the stitch to wrap) and still feel like a KLUTZ when I try to purl. I taught myself crochet (right hand) and that does not make “conti” any easier… I would like to try Fair-Isle ( watched that video too) but can’t use my left hand…Tried combo knitting, but the “stitch” needs to much adjustment when you try to knit, so that’s a waste of time too…Needless to say, my hand/wrist gets very sore and I have to take a break in between projects…So Kudos to all you conti knitters out there, have fun Let me know what you think!!!


Not everyone holds their yarn/needles the same way when knitting continental. You have to find a way that works for you. :slight_smile:

I purl conti like Amy does in the video, but I’ve seen people purl by holding the yarn (still in left hand) between their thumb and forefinger and wrap the yarn around the needle. Hildie does that and purls faster than anyone I’ve ever seen! Some people also do the knit stitch that way.

If you’re knitting stockinette, you can always knit backwards–I taught myself to do that because I purl slowly and because my purl tension is much looser than my knit tension. Just google ‘knit backwards’ or ‘backwards knitting’ and you’ll get all sorts of hits for sites that explain how it’s done.

Try this for continential knitting. I never got the purling down on Amy’s video (sorry Amy) and this made it all click for me. I’ve switched now to conti from Knitting. Actually use both so as not to over stress my hands.

just keep practicing and your style will eventually develop. i remember for the first couple of weeks i was a mess but i knew that i had to learn to knit continental because my right hand was always getting very cramped. i just saw the video deeknit recommended and it looks great except, i don’t knit this way. i do not hold my forefinger up high like that and i purl by by flicking my thumb or forefinger over the needle. i must say that i can purl amazingly fast this way, almost as fast as i can knit. good luck and like i said, just keep practicing and it will eventually come to you.

Thank you for posting this. I am new to knitting and started out with a sock which is a WIP. I started knitting continental because it just seemed natural for me, but was having a lot of trouble with yarn hold, finger, etc… This video has helped tremendously already and I’m sure will only get better with time. Thanks again :happydance:

I looked at that one and I can’t hold my yarn wrapped around the first finger like that. So while I understand how to do it, I can’t.