Continental and twisted stitches

So I am taking this knitting class and my teacher is from Scotland. She told me that although I am continental knitting the true continental would wrap her yarn clockwise when purling to twist the yarn enabling her to knit by reaching in from the purl side on the back of the needle. In the end my stockinette stitch looked wonky (which she said was how conti stockinette looks) and so I ditched that idea.

Have you guys heard of this?

Sounds to me as though your teacher is being strictly correct about Continental Purl.

I’m an English knitter who’s gradually swapped over to Conti and for what it’s worth, this is what I’ve read up on.

True Contintal Purl is done how your teacher described but it seems to be mainly used in COMBINATION knitting, which is knit stitches done the regular Conti way but the Purl twists the stitches. It means knitting through the backs of loops on the next knit stitches to re-orient them and having to make some pattern changes as well.

I got Maggie Righetti’s, Knitting in Plain English, over Christmas and she said she refused to teach the true Continental Purl to her students because it was just too complicated for most beginners to get their heads around.

From what I’ve read on KH most knitters seem to be very happy doing the Conti purl stitch as on Amy’s videos - it seems to be the most popular way of knitting.

Hope this helps

well i think it is EASIER to purl that way …seems more natural to me. However, nobody told me when i realized that i was purling that way, that if i just knit into the back of the loop all would be okay so i broke myself of the habit. took a LONG time to get over it and i still sometimes have to throw my purls. do it whichever way works best for you!