I’ve announced the winner of my ‘name that scarf’ contest on my blog!

or click the WWW button below!

Thanks to everyone who entered :slight_smile:

OMG Egeria…you made the RIGHT choice!!!

For sure! What a touching (sad but so sweet) story. And it suits the scarf so well.

Aaww :heart: sniffle

What a touching story, and so beautiful of you to chose it as your winner.

(I was rooting for you Kelly… but I have to say, Tesoro totally kicked your arse!) :wink:

THANKS, Silver…Ill design my OWN Laurie Scarf!!

That would have been my choice as well! What a touching story…I just want to hug her.

Very touching entry. Sad, and yet hopeful. Puts a lot of things into perspective.


That is so touching… Good choice for a winner!

You have inspired me to design a scarf to honor my Aunt Linda, and I am planning on sending it to her daughter (my cousin) when I am done.

I’ll post a pic, when I get to it. I have several projects I have to finish first!

Oh, my gosh. Would someone please hand me a tissue!

pass that box over here

My, that hits you right in the heart, doesn’t? :crying:

Definitely the right choice.