Knitted an afghan for my 6’5" youngest, bound off and have now decided it isn’t long enough. I have enough skeins left to knit more to add to it but don’t know how to connect it once I’m finished!!! :knitting:

Please help!!! Thanks!

I just love this site…

I believe you can just leave a tail and start knitting. Weaving the tail in afterwards. I usually like to have my new yarn come through the last stitch worked so it looks like a continuation. Of course, you may want to wait for some more knowledgeable help. Who knows, maybe you should undo your bind-off and then start knitting again?

I’d undo the bind-off and start knitting again, but it depends on how complex the pattern is. If that’s too risky, I think I’d add a wide crochet border to each end.

Take out the bind off and keep knitting. You don’t have to pick up stitches to add more length.

Ok, makes sense now. Thanks so much!!