Connecting With someone I have not seen in over 30 years


Recently I got an email from an old friend from high school. I have not seen her since then. We plan to meet up once the case of shingles she has is over. I did find out that she lives about 6 hours away from my son in Va. Her son lives in Tampa fairly close to my daughter. Strange coincidence , isn’t it. We traded phone numbers so we can stay in touch.


That must have been a lovely surprise to hear from your friend like that. I hope you can get that meet up organized and you have a lovely time together.

Several years ago an old school friend of mine contacted me through Friends Reunited about 40+ years after we had last seen each other. We kept in touch for a while, catching up with news of each other’s families, etc., but unfortunately we weren’t able to meet up and didn’t keep in touch. She had lived quite near to me when we were children, but her family had moved to England when she was about 11. Friends Reunited was great for connecting old friends. It was a shame that it closed down



It was a very good surprise for me. We were such good friends in high school and talking with her on Facebook Messenger it is like we have not been apart that long.The last time I saw her was not too long after my oldest son was born. Then she got married and moved away. I didn’t know her husband and did not know where they moved to. I found out that her father died about 2 years ago and I told her I lost both my parents . She remembered that I had a baby sister and was asking about her. Sister is now in her mid 40’s. She is 15 years younger than me
I am sorry that you lost touch with your friend. Friendship is always a welcome memory to look back on.