Connecting pieces

I have no idea how to connect the pieces in this pattern.

Its cute isn’t it?

I altered the pattern to make them longer and cover my ears. Cant wait until winter to wear these.

Oh, that is adorable!!

I might have to make one for my cats! :twisted:

As for attaching the ears, just sewing them on through the headband piece should be the easiest way. Go stitch for stich–pick corresponding parts on each stitch on the band and the ears. Then just weave in the ends when you’re done.

Please post a photo of your version! I want to see the ears on your ears!

OMG !!! That is toooo cute!!! I don’t know if my little beast would let me put it on him, though. My son wants me to try though :lol: .

What a cool idea. I bet the pattern could be modified to make it look like devil horns for Halloween !!!

giggles at the thought of spooky’s cat with devil horns :lol:

What about the optional triangles? Is anybody doing them? I tried to make the triangles to no avail.

I will TRY to get photo. I think a kitty-snackie is the best bribe…

And of course, yours truly will be posing for you! :smiley: