Congrats to the New Mods!

:balloons:Congratulations Dustina and SuzeeQ for being made moderators!! I know you both will do a great job!! :balloons:
[SIZE=1] If I missed anyone I’m sorry they are just the 2 I noticed![/SIZE]


Way to go!!

There are actually FOUR new mods! Dustina, Shandeh, Suzeeq, and Artlady1981! Woooo!!! :yay:

ArtLady is on that list as well. May I add my congrats to the list. You people are so patient and helpful and deserve your promotions! Thanks for all you do!!!


I knew I probably missed somebody. :yay: Congrats Shandeh and Artlady!!:yay:

Kudos and thanks to the new mods!:star:

:muah: :woot:

Congratulations guys!


Congrats!!!:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Congrats new mods, I’m sure you’ll do a great job :yay:

Y’all are all so helpful and I know you will all do a great job! :yay:

[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=DarkOrange]Congratulations to the New Mod Squad !![/COLOR][/FONT]

Welcome new Mods!!! :hug:

:hug: Thanks everyone!!

Congratulations to you all xx

What fantastic news! Congrats to all the new mods… and thank you (and the existing mods) for all you do to make our forum better and our knitting easier!:muah:

Congrats to the new Mods. I can only hope to attain your ranks some day!!!