Confusion re: M1 stitch

I’m making baby booties from the Lion site.
The pattern is below:

[b]STITCH EXPLANATION <----from pattern

M1 (make 1) An increase worked by lifting horizontal thread lying between needles and placing it onto left needle. Work this new stitch through the back loop.[/b]

Notice the description of a M1 “above” ; and on the increase section of the site the video of a M1/M1 away shows a different way of doing this. Amy says I can use the M1 away when the pattern calls for a M1. So when I see a M1 in a pattern it doesn’t matter which way I do the stitch??? Silly question I know :blush: …but just like to make sure. Then I see the M1L, M1R, M1B, M1T, M1A…so I’m like ok umm…??? :??

Thanks in Advance!

BOOTIES – Make 2
Cast on 15 sts.

Row 1 (WS) K 7, place marker (pm), k 1, pm, k 7.

Row 2 (RS) K 1, M1, k to marker, M1, slip marker (sm), k 1, sm, M1, k to last st, M1, k 1 – 19 sts.

Rows 3-4 Repeat Row 2 – 27 sts.

Rows 5-8 Work even in Garter St, removing markers.

Row 9 K 10, k2tog, pm, k 3, pm, k2tog, k 10 – 25 sts.

Row 10 K to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, sm, k 3, sm, k2tog, k to end – 23 sts. Row 11 Knit.

Repeat Rows 10-11 for 4 more times – 15 sts. Work in k1, p1 rib for 3" [7.5 cm]. Bind off loosely in ribbing.

I made the EXACT same booties pattern…I picked one up between stitches. It looked messy at the time, but you cant tell once the booties are done. Amy’s way looks much neater.

I have one bit of advice…when it says BO loosely…they mean VERY LOOSELY. I am worried that baby’s foot wont fit through the cuff!

Thx Kelly for the advice on the BO, I’ll remember that! :thumbsup:

So…doing the M1 like Amy shows on her video should be ok then? :thinking:


I think next time I make booties, I will use Amy’s method.


I was making the M1 like it says on the pattern come from the back etc. like Amy’s M1b video shows…but was sorta difficult to do. I even did Amy’s lil tip to hold the stitch open more. The yarn is sorta hard to deal with. UGH! :shock: So…I said forget it…and did the easy M1 Amy has on her videos where the abbreviations are…the Make 1 away…just looping it away. Do you think this will work out ok for the booties?


I dont see why not…I do know it took me a bit before I saw them “coming together”.

Post a pic of the booties when you’re done! We can compare and contrast!


Will do! :thumbsup:

I plan on making 3 pairs. WHEW! :shock: LOL! My friend is due with twins mid April (boy, girl)…and my brother is having a lil baby boy.

I just finished a poncho for my daughter last wk. Turned out really nice! :happydance: Gonna post a pic as soon as I can under the “finished projects” thread.

When I’m done with the booties I want to make myself the “Martha Poncho”…

LOL, got my projects lined up! :eyebrow:


I am making this hat to match the booties, and this blanket all in in this yarn. Ill post when its all done!

OMG that hat is SOOO cute!!! :drool: Adorable! I :heart: the color yarn you chose. VERY NICE! LoL, and that’s not just because lavender is my fav. color! :smiley:


LOL! :doh: forgot to tell you I can’t wait to see the finished pics!!

btw, LOL…I also have the Ugg hat and booties on my “to do” list…UGH! That list keeps growing and growing!!! :—


I wanted something that was NOT blue…she’s gonna get ALL KINDS of blue, ya know?

I hear ya! :cheering:


Regarding the M1 increases…

The M1A&T create the same results as M1F&B, but the former creates a looser stitch. Depending on the project, it can be too loose. EZ says she recommends the increase for beginners, and I like it because it’s easy, but when I want the most invisible inrease I use the M1F&B.

For an example of how loose the M1A&T can be, check out my white cat bed that I was making, in the “Whatcha Knittin’” thread (here). The obvious circles in the pattern are where I did that increase across the whole row. Even when it was felted, you could still see the holes! Pretty loose increase, really. Not bad, necessarily, it can look pretty, but it’s something to be aware of.

Very Helpful Amy!! Thanks alot! :notworthy: I’ll be sure to remember that.

Thanks again,
KNITBIT :happydance:

I had never seen the M1A&T before - thanks. But for M1F, why do you knit through the back? That looks like it would twist the stitch to me.

Also, have you ever used a lifted increase (knitting into the stitch below)? I did it for my fingerless mittens (adapted from Sally Melville’s mittens). I have to admit I couldn’t really tell what that ended up looking like because my yarn was so thick and thin, but it was fairly easy. :thumbsup: Ok, I see krl - that’s what she called lifted increase. Maybe that’s Canadian? Eh?