confusion about needle size

I’m just about to start a crochet cardigan King Cole pattern 4416, In the main instructions it says :
Crochet hook 5, 4 and 10. But the pattern starts : using 4 crochet hook. What is going on ?
Confused, Judith Briscall

The pattern may switch to the other hook sizes for other parts. You could read further in the pattern to see when the others are used.
What is the name of your pattern?

No. The pattern only uses a 4 hook and a 3 for sleeve edgings. It’s a King Cole pattern 4416

That is strange. Well despite the listing of hooks (3,4 & 5), you can only work with the actual pattern directions. If you’re getting gauge then that’s the size to work with.
You could send a message to the company asking about the extra needle.
Sweet little jacket!

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Thank you so much for your help. I couldn’t start without checking this. It’s wonderful to have someone to help and give advice on line. Thank you again. Judith aka Quinn

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