Confusing shoulder directions

Thank you so much! I was able to finish this thanks to you help and it’s beautiful! <3

I am now making a jumper for the first time, which has a side opening at the neckline with a button. I have some very odd instructions now and am about to post for more help. Every day is a school day as they say :slight_smile:

I’ve done the whole back up to ‘cast off 10 sts, k9 and K2tog’. From there on I’m really struggling shaping with the below from the pattern and am now a little lost…

Shape shoulders and neck:
Next row: Cast off 9 (10) (11) (12), k8
(9) (10) (11) sts more, k2tog, turn
and work on these 10 (11) (12) (13)
sts for right side.
Right side: Next row: P2tog,
p to end – 9 (10) (11) (12) sts.
Cast off kwise.
Left side: With right side facing,
slip centre 21 (23) (25) (27) sts
on to a st holder, rejoin yarn to
remaining sts, k2tog, k to end – 19
(21) (23) (25) sts.
Next row: Cast off 9 (10) (11) (12)
sts, p to last 2 sts, p2tog – 9 (10)
(11) (12) sts.
Next row: P4, k to end.
Cast off pwise.

I’m so glad that the cardigan worked out. Well done, you!
On the sweater, you’re going to be shaping the neck and working the right shoulder before the other. (Right shoulder as you would wear the sweater.)
So cast off 10sts (that’ll leave one stitch on the right hand needle), knit 9 more sts then k2tog for a total of 11sts on the right hand needle.
Turn as if you were at the end of the row. Any remaining stitches will be left for later. Just ignore for now.
Start the row with purl2tog then purl to the end of row.
Cast off this shoulder knitwise.

Now for the unworked stitches. Slip the center 23sts to a holder for the center neck.
Join a new end of yarn to the remaining sts (You can hold onto about a 6 inch yarn tail and begin knitting. The tail will be secured when you weave in ends.) These sts are for the left shoulder.
K2tog then knit to end of row and turn.
Cast off 10sts, purl to the last 2sts, p2tog.
Next row, p4, knit to end. (this direction may involve the button placement)
Cast off purlwise.

Hi Mac,

I’m so very grateful for your help! I’ve completed the back, however I do still have the 23 sts on a holding needle, should I be casting them off now?

I’ve since moved onto sleeves and have found myself confused by the instructions below from 'Continue in ss…

*Continue in ss and inc 1 st
*at each end of next row and 6 (6)
*(7) (7) following 8th rows – 57 (61)
*(67) (71) sts. Work another 3 (9)
*(7) (13) rows. Cast off.

are you able to clear the fog for me once again…

I have successfully followed so many cardigan patterns but this jumper is really challenging me!

Thanks again

Great progress! Take a look toward the end of the pattern, maybe under Neckband or Finishing. There should be directions that mention the 23 held stitches. Typically they become part of the neckband or collar.

For the sleeves you’ll be increasing at each end of every 8th row. So if you call the next row, row 1, the increases are on rows 1,9,17,25,33,41 and 49.

Challenges are good. I find at least some part of many patterns that are head scratchers.