Confusing instructions

I’m really struggling to make sense of this instruction.

Shape sleeve top
Work 4 [4:6:6:6] rows dec 1 st at each end of the next and every foll alt row. 35 [41:43:47:51] sts.

I am knitting the third size and already have 53 sts on my needles. I’ve double checked that this is correct. If I knit six rows decreasing on alternate rows that will only decrease to 47 stitches. Am I supposed to knit six rows and then begin the decreasing?

I’d appreciate advice anyone can give. Thanks

It’s really difficult to say whether it means, Work 6 rows decreasing 1 st … or
Work 6 rows, decrease 1 st…
Check the math on the other sizes. It may well be that second interpretation is what is meant. Work the 6 rows and then begin decreasing till you get to 43sts.
What is the name of the pattern?

Thank you for replying.
The pattern is Sirdar 1785.
I’ll have a work out with your suggestions.

I don’t see any corrections or any comments on the one pattern from the booklet that is on Ravelry.
You could try writing to Sirdar to see if they have any comment.

If you think the sleeve has space for 6 rows worked without decreases, I’d go with decreasing after working 6 rows even. So 6 rows even and then decrease at each end every other row.

Many thanks Salmonmac. You have solved my dilemma. It is in fact your former suggestion Having worked the maths for each of the sizes, I realised that I had too many stitches despite my careful checking!!

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Ah, best and quickest of all possible solutions. Enjoy finishing up!