Confusing directions

I’m knitting this sweater. I’m pretty confused by this line in the pattern directions:

Round 1: * K2tog, do not slip the s, K1 into the first s, then lift the 2 new s off the needle, K1*. Repeat between * and * until end of round.

So I knit 2 together, but without slipping the stitches off the left hand needle. Then I knit one more time into the first stitch. So far so good. But what are the 2 new stitches that I am supposed to lift off the (which?) needle?

This is just a confusing direction. It seems to me that it should be “drop the 2 old sts off the left hand needle”.
You’ve replaced 2sts on the left hand needle with 2 new sts on the right hand needle just as you say.

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Ah thank you! That video is super helpful. Glad to know I wasn’t completely off the mark :slight_smile: