Confusing bind off for armhole dirctions

I cannot figure out how many stitches to cast off and at which rows. I cast off 4 sts at each end of the back, but now I am stuck.

(FYI: I am starting with 74sts before I cast off)

When back measures 9", shape armholes; bind off at each edge
b) every 2 rows: 4sts; 2sts; every 4 rows: 1 sts 7 times (48 sts)

You bo at each edge/side of the piece, but [B]not[/B] on both [I]ends[/I] of the row. So you BO 4 sts at the beg of the RS and WS rows, then dec 1 st at each end of the RS row 7 times.

Chiica, I wonder if you have written the directions exactly as given. They seem quite confusing the way you wrote them out. You are supposed to be starting out with 74 stitches and after the decreases you are supposed to have 48.

Sue gave you good help about not doing bind offs at the end of the rows, but only at the beginning-- once on the RS and once on the WS. But if you bind off 4 twice that gets rid of 8 stitches. Then the directions get pretty murky. You probably do decrease 1 at each end 7 times as Sue said, but the directions don’t tell you how to space those, every right side row as Sue suggested, or something else. It’s not clear. And if you decrease 1 at each end 7 times you decrease 14 stitches total. 8+14=22. 74-22=52 and you are supposed to have 48. In the middle of the bottom line it says “2sts; every 4 rows:”. To say every 4 rows is a little odd since if you do that once on each side (RS and WS) you lose 4, which is what you need to, but why say it the way they do.

I’m guessing you bind off 4 on the RS, bind off 4 on the WS then knit 4 rows and then bind off 2 on the RS and 2 on the WS and then work two stitches together 7 times, but I don’t know how often from what they say.

I think she probably wrote out the instructions as given. They sound typical of the Drops patterns, which are worded differently than US patterns.

And I realize I forgot about the 2 sts part. So my amended directions would be:
BO 4 st at the beg of the next 2 rows, then 2 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows, then dec 1 st at each end of 7 RS rows.