I am a fairly inexperienced knitter, although I usually can manage to figure out pattern instructions, however, my brain is fried with this one. I have started a James C Brett triangular wrap and managed the first 20 rows with no problem, however it then asks you to keep continuity of pattern until I have reached the required number of stitches. It started with 5 stitches and I now have 23 stitches, my query is…to keep continuity of pattern, on which row of the 1st to 20th row of the pattern would I start to do this? I’m confused, will probably be so simple but I’m so frustrated trying to work it out.


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Usually you’ll start again with row 1 of the pattern stitch unless the directions say to start somewhere else. Check the stitch pattern that you have on the first 20 rows and make sure that row 1 starts a repeat of that same pattern without a set up row or two. You want columns of cables, ribbing or whatever the pattern stitch is, to continue without a break.
Can you give us a link to the particular Brett wrap that you’re making or the pattern name?


Thanks, I tried starting again from row 1 knowing myself that it probably wasn’t going to work out, which it didn’t! Not the best at working back to get rid of the wrong row so just started from scratch again! It’s James C Brett pattern JB202 if that helps :slight_smile:


OK, if starting at row 1 doesn’t work, then look for directions that say something like: “the last 12 rows form the pattern” or something similar. If there’s a chart with the pattern, see if part of the chart is outlined in red or boxed. That’ll indicate the pattern repeat.
The other thing to consider is that if the pattern has increases at the edges, you may not be able to start exactly at the first stitch given for row 1. You’ll have to take the extra sts into account as they will have to be incorporated into the pattern.
I’m not sure if this is the pattern or the cover of the leaflet


That’s the pattern! Thanks, will have another go, it does say

1st to 20th row sets pattern and incs.
Keeping continuity of patt as set (throughout) work 56 rows inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll alt row.


Yes, that does make it sound like you start the repeat with row 1. You’ll need to account for the extra sts when you start the repeat and as you go through the following rows, including the new increases. It helps to look at your sts, recognize a purl st or a yarn over or another part of the stitch pattern and count backwards to the first stitch on the needle. Then you’ll know what to start with in order to keep the pattern aligned.


hi, I’ve just read your post and I had the same problem. once you have completed your first 20 rows. you then do row 15, 17 and 19 with the purl row in between. adding an extra repeat each time. hope this has helped x


Thank you taratara67, I eventually worked it out and have managed to finish the triangular blanket! My beautiful granddaughter was born on Sunday and it was used to bring her home, however, I do wish you had spotted my post earlier as I had to write the whole pattern out myself to decipher what exactly to do! Can’t understand why the pattern doesn’t just say repeat rows 15,17 and 19 continuously with purl row in between! Wouldn’t that be so much easier for every knitter, especially beginners as the pattern itself was fairly easy, thanks for replying though :two_hearts:


Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! That’s wonderful news and so lovely that your blanket was part of the trip home.


Hi ladies,
I dont know if im missing something but i brought this pattern and was trying to do it as instruction says and it wasnt working out i noticed this post from you ladies so i decided to contact james brett and tell them and they sent me out row by row instructions so i got to 83rd row and i lost in the pattern about 13 stitches so had to go back on myself and undo that row im now back to not knowing what to and i see u ladies have been using row 15,17,19 which looks same as row by row instructions only at beginning sometimes u have to knit 2 at beginning rather than two , im unsure what to do next now can anyone help please,
kind thanks in advance :cheering:


Are you back to the correct stitch number? The pattern repeat is rows 15, 17,19 (with purl rows on the even rows) so you need to decide which row is next. By my count, if you’ve done rows 1-20 and then repeated the 6 rows 15-20, row 80 is the end of a repeat and so that makes row 83 a row 17. If you can “read” your sts, you can tell if the last pattern row looks like row 15 and confirm that you’re in the right place.
Is that the problem with the row or are you up to a change in the pattern?


I wasn’t doing it as row 15,17,19 I was using row to row instructions and I have tryed to get around it but it’s not working out . I can work out my stitches so if I did follow it as row 15,17,19 do u still count at the same time to increase stitch at either end on every fourth row would that work out thanks


If the instructions say to increase every 4th row, then that’s what you should do. It won’t always be the same row, e.g. row 17 or whatever the row by row instructions call that row, since the repeat is 6 rows. Put a marker into the last increase row to help you keep track or else use a row counter or a pencil and paper.
Does the blanket just keep increasing to make a triangle or is there a point where you begin decreasing at each end to form a square?


No it keep gettin wider :slight_smile: thank you for all ur help im goin to try what u said and see how that works thank you very much . It’s very annoying that James Brett dont correct the pattern really .


So I have gone back on my work so I’m at the part where u increase in every 4th row and I done it so I start with the 15th row and it doesnt add up their isn’t enough stitches I have 79 stitches on the needle and my work looks correct and that finishes me on the 76th row now gone to use the pattern I brought from shop that u have and row 15 doesn’t add up with amount of stitches I have also is it ok that the increase row works out on a purl row


Yes, increases on purl rows are fine. If you prefer, you can switch them to knit rows by skipping a row.

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I too am having the same problem with this pattern after I’ve worked my 50 odd rows wat part of the pattern am I starting at am I start3at row 15 again or wat and does any one have a pic of finished item please


Keep up the repeat of rows 15-20 as you have been doing. The pattern should tell you when to stop the repeats. Are the pattern repeats aligning correctly so far?
Maybe @charlie01984 or @catken67 or @taratara67 can help with a photo.