Confused with instructions (beginner)

I’m trying to knit some mittens and may have bitten off more than I can chew.

The instructions say

WS: P24, turn, sl rem 15 sts on long piece of cotton yarn.
RS: Cast on 2 sts, then K them with next 9 sts (11 for thumb). Sl the remaining 15 sts onto cotton thread.

The instructions up until now have been quite simple, stockinette stitches and increasing.
I have no idea what turn means though, or how to slip stitches (and which stitches) onto a cotton yarn.

Any help would be much appreciated :blush:


Hi and welcome!
Turn means to turn to turn as you would at the end of the row. You’ll now be on a RS row. The sts that are left unworked at the end of left needle get slipped to scrap yarn to be worked later. Thread a piece of scrap yarn onto a tapestry needle and pass the stitches one at a time off the end of the needle onto the tapestry needle and scrap yarn.
Here’s an example for a mitten thumb…

Thankyou so much!
The link you gave was perfect,
I now have the beginnings of a thumb thankyou! :grinning: