Confused, please help


I am trying to knit a sweater in the round. Here’s what I’ve done so far: I cast on x number of stitches, when I got to the end I joined it to the beginning (making sure the stitches were all facing the same way) and knitted the first round k2, p2. When I get to the end of the first round, I encounter my problem. When I try to continue my pattern, all the stitches are straddling the needle wrong. I can’t figure out how to fix this, short of flipping each stitch before I knit/purl it. What am I doing wrong??

PS I’ve tried to continue anyway and the pattern comes out lopsided. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

If they are sitting wrong I suspect you may be knitting into the back of the stitches or wrapping the yarn incorrectly. Check the video(s) for knitting and see if you are knitting in the traditional manner.

Knitting into the back of the stitch is an actual stitch used to twist the stitch intentionally. It can also be used when you knit in the combined method. To correct a twisted stitch you knit into the back of it. That is usually written as ktbl (aka k1b or k1 tbl). You can find that info on this page.

Wow. I’ve been backwards-knitting all along and didn’t know it! Thanks!