Confused on guages

In knitting I am having a problem with finding the guage even though I’m using the listed yarn and needles. Do I use smaller needles if stitches are too wide…or larger…It seems either way I’m having problems. Advise, please.

If you are having too many stitches per inch, you need to use a larger needle size, if you have too few stitches per inch, you need to use a smaller needle size.

If the gauge is supposed to be 5 spi for example with # 10 needles…If you get six spi, that means it is too tight and you should try a larger needle. If it’s the opposite like you get 3 spi then it’s too loose…need a smaller needle.

Thanks…I thought I was right! Just still working on it. Mae

I’ve discovered that needle size is not always the same even if the needles are marked with the same size. Crochet hooks too. That’s how I discovered it. I was trying to make squares for an exchange and using the appropriate hook for the yarn, and the thing was way too tight. I rummaged through my box of hooks and found another the same size, and looked at them realizing the second one was larger. How can 5mm not be 5 mm??? The lys woman told me the American sizes are different from Canadian sizes even though they are marked as the same. Weird, eh!!! This is slightly off the topic, I realize, but it did make my gauge a problem! samm

For samm…thanks…that’s another thing to check out. :XX:

Now to add to the question about gauge:

When you are checking gauge do you take the work off the needles to measure or not. I heard one thing and seen others.


I measure my work on the needles. I make sure that the stitches are lying flat, not stretched or squished, and go from there. Part of the key to it is making sure that your swatch is bigger than the gauge they give… I usually make my swatches 50% bigger so that I can take my measurements “inside” the swatch, where my stitches are more even.

I have always knitted my swatch and rested it…(advice given long ago) and then measured it. But I like the idea of a bigger piece 50%…and measure within that area. I’m going to give that a try. Thanks to each one who is offering encouragement. I’ve knitted a long while via machine knitting, and am just now getting back to two needle knitting. I forgot how much I love knitting by hand! :XX: I hope I can help someone sometime too.