Confused on a Sweater

I’ve been knitting for a little while now, and I managed to find a sweater pattern that seemed relatively easy, until I got to this part. It’s asking me to knit two together, but then it says “but don´t slip the stitches off the needle, knit the first stitch and slip the stitches.” Does anyone know what they might mean by that?

Instead of k2tog which will decrease one stitch, this will end with 2 sts on the right hand needle. So k2tog as usual but don’t slip the stitches off the left hand needle. Bring the right hand needle around and knit into the first stitch again. Now you have 2 loops over the right hand needle and you can slip the original 2 stitches off the left hand needle.
It may help to try this a few times with some scrap yarn just for practice,

Thanks! That makes a lot more sense now. :slight_smile: