Confused? Help?

I am new to knitting and I am trying to make a slipper from a pattern I found. The problem is…it is working with two colors and I can’t figure out how to do this. Is both colors put on the needles when casting on?
Geez, I feel dumb. This seems like a simple pattern except for adding the second color. I found a video on line but it just confused me more.
I don’t understand how the second color is introduced to the project.:knitting:

Can you post a link to the pattern so we can see how it wants you to add the second colour?
normally if you are changing colours mid way through your knitting you just start knitting with the new colour and drop the other yarn.

I think that is one thing I can do. Even if I can’t knit it, I can post it
lol. I am determined to knit these slippers. I want to make a lot of these for fund raisers for pug rescue. Thank you so much for all your help, it is really appreciated!:hug:

These are knit using stranded knitting, except with regular stranding, you want the yarn to be carried loosely across the back where in these they want you to pull it tight.

When you cast on, you do it in the main color (since they’re used equally, it doesn’t matter which it is–you pick) and on the next row you knit with both colors–just start knitting with the new color when it calls for it. YOu can weave in the end later.