Confused by pattern directions

This wristband pattern says to:

With main color of worsted yarn and eyelash, cast on 26 stitches. Work in k2p2 ribbing for three rounds, then drop eyelash yarn. Work in stockinette with the main color yarn for 23 rounds. Once again incorporating the eyelash, knit three rounds of k2p2 ribbing and bind off.

Doesn’t k2p2 ribbing mean to knit the knits and purl the purls? With 26 stitches, this doesn’t come out right for me. Am I misinterpreting the pattern? :??

If you do this over 26 stitches every round begins and ends with K2, meaning you will have a column of K4. So you could cast on 24 or 28 stitches to get the right amount for ribbing. What is this thing you are making? Remember to adjust the rest of the pattern, if necessary.

It’s for wristbands, which I’m going to duplicate stitch a design on after knitting the bands.

Okay, I’ll CO 28 stitches instead of the 26 that the pattern stated. Thank you! :smiley: