Confused about working with chart

hi everyone. i want to make this purse for my daughter cuz she loves purses but it will be the first time i use a chart and i’m confused.
ok it says cast on 41 st and work in seed st. that is fine i understand that.
when i looked at the flower chart i only count 40 small boxes. shouldn’t there be 41??? and i dont know what type of stitch to do when i am working the chart. it doesn’t say, or am i missing it?? please help!!

The actual flower design is only 31 sts wide, as noted in the pattern. The other 10 sts are the 5-st seed stitch border on either side.
I would be inclined to use stockinette for the chart, as I think any other stitch would look weird.

Yes, use stockinette on the chart part–knit the front and purl the back. Otherwise you’ll have all kinds of wonky looking color changes with the purls.

ok another question now. there is a part on the chart where the leaves are where it just shows 3 stitches till the end? since i have to do 5stitches seed stitch at the beg and end do i do that in the leaf or just do 3 seed stitch?

The chart really should have been centered better. You should have 5 stitches of plain seed stitch on each side with the the flower in the middle. you might have to shift the flower over.

I’d try to figure it out better but I have a 5 year old up my you-know-what right now and I’m not allowed to beat him. :rollseyes:

It looks like the flower image was just slapped randomly on a grid. This cropped version should help to clear things up; do your seed st border on either side of the pattern and you shouldn’t run into too much trouble.

thank you guys so much for your help. tab that pic does help out alot. I am hoping to start on this tomorrow now that i understand it :slight_smile: