Confused about which side

Tonight I had a problem. I saw purl rows where I should had had knit rows. I am knitting and purling alternate rows. So very gingerly I pulled out some rows to get back where it started.

Doing the stockinette stitch, it’s alternating, right?

So if I want to continue this stitch, which side do I start on? Which side should be facing me? This is probably a stupid question because I figured you would start a knit on the knit side but it didn’t look right.


Once you’re back to stockinette, on the knit side do knits and on the purl side do purls. I guess this is the most basic application of “knit the knits and purl the purls.” If you do knits on the knit side, it should look right.

Not a stupid question. We all encounter these kinds of things.

ETA yes, you have stockinette when you alternate knit rows and purl rows.

Thanks, that’s what I thought I was doing but it didn’t look right. Got it now.

Good. Makes me feel good to know you’re OK with it now.