Confused about "thumb method and A"

Hi everyone!

I’m really new to knitting but loving it - I’ve made some adorable easy baby booties and now I’d like to attempt this elephant (for the same baby).

It’s the knitted toy elephant from “Knitted Wild Animals” (but can’t post a link just yet as this is my first KH post!)

I have a question about the pattern:

[B] It says to use “thumb method and A, cast on 35 sts” and later it mentions “thumb method and B”. [/B]

I’ve found a fair bit of info about thumb method on here (thanks!) but I don’t know what the A and B refers to?

Also, would there be a significant difference if I cast on using needles? (I can do that one! haha)

thanks in advance

Hannah x

Hi and welcome!
If you look up at the top of the pattern, under Materials, A is the main color yarn (grey) and B is the contrast (white).
I’m not so fond of the thumb cast on for a large number (>3) of sts. You can probably use any cast on that you prefer, e.g. knit, cable, or long tail. I’m not sure what you mean by “using needles” but maybe something like a knit cast on?

Very cute elephant, indeed.

Ahaha of course! :slight_smile: Silly me, I’ve only knitted in one colour previously and I didn’t even twig that the tusks are white!

Yep needles-wise I meant knit stitch, good to know that it’s ok to change the cast on type!

Thanks so much, I’ll post some photos if and when the elephant is completed :slight_smile: