Confused about right side, wrong side in knitting

Hello everyone,
I saved a pattern on Ravelry that is of a bookmark. I started on it but quit because I was confused when it said WS or wrong side for the second row. When a pattern says WS or wrong side, does that mean I knit with the stitches in my right hand and the empty knitting needle in my left hand, or do I just keep the stitches in my left hand, and the empty knitting needle in my right hand, but turn the work, and knit as usual? (I am right-handed.) I sought help with figuring out how to do wrong side knitting from my local knitting circle, but they could not help me. Any help would be appreciated.

I can provide the link to the bookmark: Shetland Bookmark This is the original link to the pattern that I saved on Ravelry.


Here’s a link with picture -

When you turn the needle with the stitches is always in your left hand and the empty needle in your right hand. You can often tell the WS from RS by the stitches unless it’s garter stitch. If it’s not clear from them then I often will just attach a locking stitch marker on the front side so it’s easy to tell.

Turn as usual (I didn’t know how when I started knitting and no one thought to tell me!)

Anything you can use to mark the front/public/right side of the work will do. If you keep a few safety pins with your work, you can put a pin around the last stitch on your right needle if you have to lay it down in mid-row. That way, you won’t get turned around when you pick it up again. Use anything you need to make it easier and more fun to knit.

Right side (RS) is also known as the public side as Becky_Morgan mentions and is the side of the work that looks good. The wrong side (WS) doesn’t always look so pretty. As suggested any type of marker you can use to remind you which is the RS helps. Sometimes a pattern will instruct you to do something on the RS, sometimes it will say to end with a RS row which simply means to work the RS row before going on to the next instruction. With this pattern all the increases and decreases that make it beautiful will be done on the RS.

That’s a lovely bookmark. I think I might try the lace pattern for a scarf. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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So if the stitches just stay in your left hand, and the empty needle stays in your right hand, and you just turn the work…Thank you for making this clear.

Thank you for clearing up my confusion on this. I have had practice with RS/WS knitting when knitting socks, but that’s all the exposure I have had to it until now. And I will definitely think about marking the right side of the work next time I decide to do a pattern with RS/WS knitting. And stitch markers also work to help mark the right side; I use them when knitting socks, not to mark the right side, but to mark where I am at in the work.

I had known that the right side (RS) was the side of the work that is shown to the public, and the wrong side (WS) was the side that was not shown, but I had not had any idea of how to work a RS/WS pattern until now. Thank you for the clarification.