Confused about Right Side vs. Wrong Side

Okay, this has always confused me. When a pattern calls for you to start on the wrong side what does that mean. I always assumed you would have to a start a pattern on the right side and the next row would be the wrong side. Here is where I am stuck.

Row 1 (WS):[/B] Sl 2 WYIF[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]This says row 1 is the ws, how do I know whether it is the wrong side or right side if I cast on the same way each time. Also, it says SI 2, does this mean slip 2 and if so how do I know if I am slipping as if to purl or knit. Oh, and one more thing, with yarn in front is that the indicator as to whether I am slipping as if to purl or does that have something to do with something else.[/FONT]

well i can answer the first question pretty easily. It is just telling you that the row you are working on is a wrong side row. so if youhave been knitting for 100 rows (or none) this next row should be a wrong side row. if it is the first row after you cast on, you know that this side is the wrong side. if it is row 101 you should be on the wrong side… just helping you keep track really. if i find it is going to be confusing for me to tell the difference i put a marker in on the right side so i know which side is which.

If it doesn’t tell me which way to slip my stitches, i always slip purlwise since it doesn’t reorient the stitch at all. i think that is based on whattever you were taught though.

is there any punctuation in that line you posted and what comes after it? I usually think that the WYIF comes before the instruction but hard to say without more information given or any punctuation.

Sometimes a pattern will tell you WS (or RS) just to designate that from now on, consider this row WS (or RS).

If you are doing Westerly, the start of your pattern st is on the WS anyway. I think they are just clarifying that, yes, you are starting a pattern st on the WS.

The Sl 2 WYIF is just telling you the position of your yarn when you slip --> it should be in front (there are other rows where it tells you to Sl 2 WYIB). This is not related to if you’re slipping purlwise or knitwise, just an indication of where your yarn should be when you slip.

Generally, unless instructed to do so differently, you always sl pwise, except when the sl is part of a decrease, like in ssk, or sl1, k1, psso. Otherwise your st is twisted.

If there is no instruction as to where my yarn should be for a sl st, I leave it where it is when i slip.