Confused about picking up I-cord

Hi all,
I’ve started Stephen West’s Wonky Starfish (by request):

I’ve finished the first section, except for the I-cord bind-off. I can do that just fine. It ends with 3 stitches on my needles, then I turn and pick up and knit down the left side of the piece (increasing as I go), still on the right side. I’m confused by the part I put in italics. Do I knit the whole row (51 sts) and then pick up and knit 3 stitches from the I-cord on the opposite edge? Or what?

Pick Up Row (RS): Using A, (pick up and k3, m1) 12 times along the left edge of SECTION 1. Pick up sts by knitting into the I-cord edge stitch that is closest to the WS of the fabric. Turn to work WS. 51 sts.
Next Row (WS): Pick up and k3 sts from the I-cord edge. 54 sts.
Work Rows 1 – 4 of Pattern Repeat 20 more times…

Thanks for any enlightenment!

PS–I’ll check back from time to time, since I’m still not receiving any emails from the group.

It seems that there is a crucial line missing. See if this helps from papercracker on Ravelry.

"There is a line of text missing from the WS Pick up Rows of Sections 2 - 8: after picking up the three stitches from the I-cord, it should tell you to knit until three stitches remain, slip three with yarn in front. This knits all the stitches on the wrong side and puts you back at the start to work the next right side row, per the existing instructions. "

Another intriguing project from Stephen West! Looks great.

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Well, THAT makes a bit of a difference! And it’s wrong throughout the pattern. Glad I asked!

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@salmonmac Nope. Still confused. I’ve picked up my 51 stitches. Now I’m supposed to turn and pick up 3 MORE from the I-cord, but I’m going the wrong direction to pick up? I’m sure it’s to increase for the corner, but how? I’m at my cast-on edge, so there’s no I-cord there…

Hmm, could the 3 more sts be from the end of the i-cord itself? What is the next RS row?

There’s a question about this transition on the Ravelry page but it hasn’t been answered in 4 years so no help there.

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I think I’ve got it! I’ve picked up 51 stitches from the back of the I-cord, ending at my cast-on edge. Then it says to turn and pick up 3 stitches from the I-cord…so I have to pick up from the SAME I-cord stitches I’ve already picked up from!

RS rows end with 3 slipped stitches, and this tight turn replicates that…I hope.

That sounds good. It’s a strange direction but very Stephen West. Good for you for figuring it out!

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I’ve sent Westknits an email, mentioning that they seem to have left out an entire row of instructions, and asking about this particular issue. We’ll see what happens. At least, I have A way to continue!


I don’t know if it’s what Mr. West intended, but it seems to have worked!


That looks nice and neat. If it isn’t what Mr. West intended maybe it should be. Nicely figured out!