Confused about circular knitting video

I am a beginner who is doing the topographie hat from I have just cast on 108 stitches on double needle circular. The instructor in the video says that the yarn is on the right needle side, but the video seems to show it on the left. I tried looking at another video on YouTube, but that was even more confusing, and this one said “easy.” Any help would be appreciated. Thanks~!

Hi LilyBart!

Have you watched the circular knitting video on Knittinghelp? You can find it Here

After you finish casting on your stitches, you will need to position the stitches around the needles so that the working yarn end comes out on the right hand needle - then you will knit into the end stitch on the left hand needle.

I hope this helps!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, sounds like you just need to turn the needles so the yarn is coming off the right hand needle.

Hi, Amanda. I guess I wasn’t clear. It is the video that is ambiguous. She has the thread, both the tail and yarn, on the left, in her left hand, yet in her voiceover says it is on the right.

So should the yarn and tail and cast-on stitches supposed to all be on the left, even though I’m working to the right-hand needle?

Also, the knittinghelp video does not say how to join the two sides. Other videos on circular knitting also don’t say how to join. One say just “pull it over, knit and pull it tight” but this doesn’t seem to work (her hands are in the way so you can’t see just what she is doing). When I worked this the first time, I didn’t join them and it was all coming out flat, like a scarf, so I’ve figured out that it doesn’t happen automatically. There are lots of conversations on the internet about joining, and different techniques, but no video or illustrated instructions. Could you please help me with that, too? Thanks so much~!

It depends if you looked at the continental or english style video. But yes, after you’ve casted on, arrange the needles so the working yarn is on the right needle regardless of whether you hold the yarn (and tail) in the right or left hand. I don’t include the tail in mine, it may be easier to just drop it and work with the yarn only. There’s another video at knitpicks -

Many people just join by knitting the first stitch and pulling the yarn tight, but after years of doing that, I wasn’t satisfied with it, was still loose and left a gap. So I learned about casting on an extra stitch and knit it together with the first one. That helped a lot. Other people just swap the first and last stitches - first st on the end of the needle, last st on the beginning of the needle - and have great success with that.

Hey LilyBart! I hope that Sue’s response helped you! But, I wanted to make sure - when you said it came out like a scarf - when you stretch your stitches - do they stretch ALL the way around your needle - basically from tip to tip? As you have discovered - you can knit flat with circulars - the key to joining the two ends together is that you don’t turn the knitting around when you get to the end - you just keep going - so when you join the cast on and begin to knit the first row, you are knitting into the very last stitch - think like a snake eating its tale (sorry, I am very visual!) :slight_smile:

Sue pointed out different methods of joining - I haven’t been knitting in the round for a terribly long time, but I always just knit the stitches like normal and try to pull my yarn tight and I have never noticed a gap of any kind. So, to recap:

Once you have your stitches all cast onto the needles, spread them out tip to tip with the cast on tail and working yarn coming off the right needle. Make sure that the cast on edge is all facing towards the inside and not twisted, then take the right needle and knit it into the end stitch on the left needle - pulling the working yarn extra tight after you slip the stitch from the left needle to the right needle. Then just keep knitting the next stitch. It is also a good idea to put a stitch marker right there so that you can tell where the beginning of the round is!

I hope we have been able to help you!! :slight_smile: