Confused About A Pattern As Well

I’m making this sort of sweater dress with a v-neck. I’m knitting the front piece and right now I’m at the neck shaping. It says to use stitch markers to mark the middle of the v-neck, but now it says:

Knit to first marker, knit two together, pass marker, knit two, join another ball of yarn, knit two, pass marker. . . blah blah. Then it goes on to say, Working both sides at the same time, . . .

What’s this all about?

You are dividing for the V neck and from this point on you cannot work with one ball of yarn to complete both sides. You have to use one ball of yarn for the right and one for the left front. Sometimes patterns will ask you to put one sides stitches on hold, complete the first side, then go back and complete the second side. Your pattern says to work both sides at once. All this means is that when you are working the left side stitches (left, as worn) you will be using the initial ball of yarn and when you are working the right side stitches (right, as worn) you will be working with the second ball of yarn.

:doh: Thanks!