Confessions of a yarn-ho-ho-ho

Well, obviously I thought I was getting a large Thanksgiving bonus instead of the very generous Acme Grocery card I received from my company. The following are the results of my OCD yarn problems. The only items I have remaining on order are a total impulse purchase from Herschnerrs of some yummy looking Debbie Bliss Cotton for tank top, and some needles from Miss Carol to knit it up.

Especially of note, I am showing are the absolutely fabulous things feministmama sent. I honestly had tears in my eyes. Such good karma that lady deserves! What a sweetheart! One problem -well, two. First problem, is this-----Femmy, we NEED your last name! Oh yes indeed we do! Second problem is, (and this is a funny, more than a problem), you all have seen pictures of my beautiful Cooper and heard how he loves to snort the yarn, well, not only did he want to snort that beautiful pink sock yarn, but he wanted to take it and have it for his very own socks, I guess! There is something about that yarn that is making him very feisty!!!

Without further ado, here are my pictures:

:inlove: OOOoooooOOoooOOOO! I’ll be right over!

wonders if that’s a hank of “socks that rock” in the last photo <swoon> :inlove:

returns to getting ready to mug the mailman for her STR

Oh wow, so cool to see my leftovers put to good use. The ultimate in recyoling :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Hey, those st markers look familiar! I should have pics of all the markers I made for the BF sale and so on up on the blog soon. Glad you like 'em!

I am just so tickled with all my treasures! In my world, recycled is often the very best :XX:

Perhaps it is time you started a yarn shop :smiley: What wonderful yarn.

Total yumminess. :inlove:

Gorgeous stuff!! I’m itching to place an order for some yummy yarn now! So far I’ve only worked with the so-so stuff. :wink:

I’m jealous :shock:

Me too! How gorgeous it all is…and it all came right to your door…that’s such a beautiful thing.tear slipping down cheek

Yeah, I could defintely live with all that yarn in MY house!

I had to sort and fondle last night - and find a place to put it all :wink:

Come on over the Chez Wagner and go shopping!!! Oh I got my new needles too so am definitely feeling ready to rock and roll!

Goodness–an armful of knitty-goodness!! But you’re making me YEARN for Yarn!! Bad girl!!