Condused with book instructions

Im making a doggie sweater and I’m a little confused as to what the instructions are saying. ok this is what they read;

2nd row: P1. K1.Rep. these 2 rows ribing for 4" [B]ending on a 2nd row and increasing 1 stich in center of last row.[/B]

the part in bold is what i don’t understand. I just started knitting but a couple weeks ago and still don’t understand the short talk much. Please help me!! Thank you…

Hi and welcome to the forum!
Keep repeating rows 1 and 2 until you have 4 inches. End by doing a row 2 rib and increase one st on this row. So the final row 2 would become P1, Kfb making a total of 3 sts. Turn the work and follow the next direction. A kfb is a knit front and back and you can see a video for that here. Or you could do your favorite increase in its place.

What samonmac said, except the increase would be in the middle of the last row 2, not at the beginning or end of id.

Thank you! One more thing, it states to knit for 4 inches and at the beginning of the page it says, ''22 rows and 26 inches= 4 inches" it also says to repeat the K1 P1 patter until the end of row. Do I continue knitting tie the end of the row even if it says to cast on 85 stiche’s?

The gauge is that you’ll have 22 stitches and 26 rows in 4", that’s just to make sure you have the same number of sts per inch so it comes out the right size - it isn’t your pattern.

The pattern is CO 85 sts and work in the k1 p1 ribbing across all the sts. On the last row that you do after 2" increase a stitch in the middle of that row, but complete the row. On the next row you use another stitch pattern.