con rod help antique castle wheel

Hi, I have a problem where the bar from the treddle will not stay attached to the bent wheel agel. The nob that scores on does not look like it belongs to the wheel. it screws on in the usual direction. I was thinking my solution might be to have a cord instead but I don’t know how to attach it to the Axel. the Axel ends with threads which end in a point.

I don’t spin, but will tag someone who might be able to help. @mullerslanefarm

Thanks @Jan_in_CA for the heads up.

Hi @Syl_Grant. Could you get me a good picture? Do you know what type of wheel it is? With all the antique wheels I’ve spun on or restored, the conrod slipped over the knob and didn’t screw in.

This is GOOD NEWS for you. My first thought was you might not have matching threads between the axle & knob. If the end of the axle is pointed, what does the threads of the knob have to grab on to?

I really need a picture!!!