Computer Game Poll!

I’m waiting impatiently for Sims 3 to come out and was wondering what every else likes as far as computer games go.

Ohhh, Sims 3??? Where have I been, I had no idea there was another coming out!

Oh man, you TOTALLY reminded me to be excited again. I preordered Sims 3 back in AUGUST and I’m just dying to play it. Why couldn’t it have come out THIS month?

I got all of the Sims 2 expansions but I’ve been slowly trading them off for different games. My favorite expansion was Seasons because of being able to have a garden :slight_smile:

I like strategy type games, like Civilization or Caesar 3, I had Sim City but got bored after a while as once I’d built everything there didn’t seem to be a point, you couldn’t “win”. Never tried the Sims

I picked other because my favorite games are (were) roleplaying/adventure games that aren’t massively multiplayer (although my husband and stepson play Warcraft so much, it feels like I’ve played it).

I’m talking about games like Diablo II, Baldur’s Gate, Dungeon Siege.

@Lucy–I love Caesar 3, except that dang emperor was always wanting stuff—give me olives, give me wheat, I want pottery, I want wine…etc. :teehee:

ETA: Oh yeah, and how could I forget Morrowind?

I like to play Bejeweled, Tetris, and such.

I put down other. My current addictions are Pathwords, Spore and World of Goo. I didn’t know what category they would fit into.

I used to play Howrse but since I’ve started riding for real I don’t feel the need to play anymore.

Where do you guys get your games from?

I used to like strategy games, especially space based RTS (Homeworld, ORB) but my migraines are triggered by light and color so my gaming has ended.
I can handle X-Box on an LCD for some reason but I can’t find any games like that for X-Box.

Mainly I play simple games now like Chess, cards and some old Windows 95 games.

I came late to the original Sims and loved it…so much so, that when Sims 2 came out I never purchased it! I think I was afraid that 2 would take up even more of my time than the original did! Also, judging just from screenshots, I thought that I preferred the “dollhouse” angles of Sims 1 to the more direct shots of Sims 2.
What else have Sims players liked about 2? The gardening aspect sounds appealing. What looks good in Sims 3? I may have to update, at least to 2, maybe to 3…

My daughters got me the last upgrade for Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sims2, but I have bought games at Target and Amazon.

I’m trying to remember what Sims1 was like and the main thing I remember was the lack of pregnancy and how hard it was to have the baby w/o social services coming. :teehee: In Sims2 the mother gets pregnant and increases tummy size for 3 days till the baby is born. Dad can talk to the tummy and increase social in the process (I think). There is no bassinet and she actually looks like she’s in labor, but a baby just appears in her arms after a minute. I’m sure there are lots of other differences, but I can’t remember what the older version was like anymore.

Sims 3 looks awesome! You can actually leave your house and walk next door to the neighbors, etc. Check these links.

Good video/interview here with images of the game.

Official Site…anguageCode=en

While I do like games like Bejeweled and Tetris, I actually voted for games like The Sims. My husband and I both spend more time than we probably should playing The Sims 2. We have all the expansion packs and discussed getting The Sims 3 when it comes out but decided we’d rather wait until any bugs (cause you know there will be glitches) are fixed and maybe a few expansion packs have been released.

We came to this decision because we’re not bored with The Sims 2 by any means and we’ve invested the money into the expansions and, considering the only major things that seem different between The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 are how detailed you can design your Sims (for example, instead of just choosing “fat” or skinny" you can customize just how fat or skinny different body parts are…you can also customize your Sims’ personality differently) and how the neighborhoods are played (instead of playing by lot and only having things on that particular lot progress for the duration of time that you play, in The Sims 3 it looks like you play a lot and the rest of the neighborhood progresses with it. A feature I’m not sure I would like.) we just feel that our expansion packs give us a wider realm of activity to play with our Sims and would rather stick with that for the time being.

Thanks, Jan! The Sims 3 sites are really helpful, and at this point, it looks like I would like 3 more than 2. I especially like the options to change the appearance of items and ease in building. Keep us posted as to how you like it once it comes out!:cheering:

I like them all, except the sim, wow rollercoaster etc ones
and I want a good sudoku game 4 my motoQ

Four words: Free walk the neighborhood.

That’s what sold me :rofl:

Oh, I really want to get Spore. How do you like it?