Complicated Seaming Question

I’m pretty new at knitting but I like to jump into the hard projects. It wants me to “sew together the cast on and cast off edges.” Does anyone know how to sew the ends of cable stitches? Can I keep it in pattern? Please help!

To know what I’m working on you can Google “Patons Shetland Chunky Shoulder Shrug”

Yes, but it’s not a whole lot of fun. You’ll likely be able to find the seam afterward (but then, you’ll know where it is. Nobody else is likely to care.)

The best way for me to explain it is that you thread a yarn needle, butt the edges together and take the thread through the stitches as if it were being knitted or purled. For me, the knitted stitches look neater than the purls once they’re joined, but that’s not what everybody gets.

This is the closest I could come to the kind of seaming Becky mentioned:

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Your seam will show, there’s no way to avoid it entirely. My preference for this type of thing is to use a provisional cast on and then graft the stitches in pattern (Kitchener stitch) to join the ends. It’s tricky but worth the effort IMHO. I can’t post a video for grafting cables in pattern because I’ve never found one. I just had to figure it out for myself.