Complicated Kitchener Stitch (grafting) question

I have a cable pattern band I am knitting as a band for a hat and this narrow band needs to be Kitchenered together to form a complete band (circle)

There is an odd number of stitches with a general pattern of K2,P2, (cable 9), P2,K2, (17 stitches) over 8 rows. At the end (or front), the row before the one to be grafted (which would be an eighth row), i.e row 7, would be K2, P2, K3, sl next 3 sts on to cable needle leaving the cable needle in back of work, K3, K2 stitches from cable needle, P2, K2.

The row to be grafted on to at the beginning (or back) (i.e 1st row) is on a provisional cast on thread and is in the basic pattern: K2, P2, K9, P2, K2.

The grafting row needs to therefore follow the 8th row pattern of : P2, K2, P9, K2, P2.

So you can see this is a bit of a challenge for me as I only know how to Kitchener stitch with an even number of stiches, firstly and secondly over stocking stitch. I don’t know how to deal with the ribbed band and then the cabled stiches even though they would be a K2P2 rib on either side with a 9 stitch stocking stitch row in the middle.

It’s a tiny little band and yet I can’t figure it out. May be there is an easier way to make a clean join with a crochet hook?

Any guidance appreciated. :???:

I’d love to know the answer as well. I just did my first chemo cap with a roll up brim and did a simple pick up and knit to add the brim after the cap was done. I’ll be sure to look back in for the answer.

See if any of t hese help:

All right. I’ve kinda been there. Am going to try to modify the stocking stitch grafting that I know just for the two rib parts, go back to stocking stitch grafting for the middle part, etc. I’ll let you know.

Thanks so much for the suggestions.