Completely OT... chocolate stains on non-washables

I could just die right now… :crying: I just discovered that my kids got CHOCOLATE on one of our brand new living room CREAM COLOURED lamps :crying: The ones we bought to replace the ones we lost in the fire. Now I know that this is completely OT, but I thought that perhaps someone here had a chocolate fiasco with something that can’t be washed… at least not by normal methods. Help please… :crying:

What part of the lamp? The shade? What is the lamp made of?

It’s on the shade. My guess is that the shade is some sort of polyester or other cheap fabric. It’s not paper anyway. We bought it at Home Depot, so it’s not anything fancy shmancy, but it’s nicer than anything we woulda gotten at my work.

I have no clue if this would work, but I don’t think it would hurt, but there are some things that Oxyclean gets out beautifully. The very day we got a new light blue carpet, my grandson got a bloody nose on the far side of the room. :shock: Oxyclean made it disappear. The blood, not the nose. It works as well for other food-based stains like berries. It might be worth a dab on the chocolate to see if it comes out.

nicole, try a damp cloth with some dish detergent (like joy or palmolive) and rub gently and use a rinsed damp cloth to rinse it. If that doesn’t work, try something a little stronger.
If nothing works, turn the shade with the stain to the wall!

I was going to suggest Oxyclean as well. Make some up and then gently blot the shade. Rinse when you are done.

There are a lot of “instant” stain removers on the market as well that would be worth a try if the Oxyclean doesn’t do it. I hope something works for you.

I don’t have any experience with chocolate, but we got coffee on a lampshade once. :rollseyes: I didn’t see it till a week later so it didn’t come out completely, but it was much better.

I have some of the Wal-Mart brand Oxy laundry spray that’s worth a shot. It’s gotten out set-in rust and mildew stains, and ground-in slugs out of my clothes… DO NOT ASK! :roflhard:

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option. With the way our living room is laid out, our tables are more in the middle of the floor… no where near a wall. :crying:

I’m gonna take a look to see what colours of dish detergent I have, and try those out first. Then I’ll take a look at work tomorrow morning to see what I can find in the way of an Oxy spray that isn’t a laundry spray. Hmm… mebbe I should just get off my butt and go downstairs and see what THAT bottle says! :roflhard:

Thanks so much everyone! I feel so horrible right now, and I was so sure {and right!} that you would all run to the rescue!!! :inlove: :thumbsup:

And if all else fails, color the rest of the shades with chocolate! :rollseyes:

:shock: :shock: :roflhard:

“Tide to go” pen thing? Someone told me it was ok…

:roflhard: Ingrid, you are too funny.

Interesting you posted this now…I just read a stain thing in a magazine. It says “in the moment…do nothing, at your leisure…scrape off residue with a blunt knife. Next, apply 1 T. hydrogen peroxide to the marks and scrub with a tooth brush. Rinse with cold water. Peroxide’s bubbling action loosens particles, making them easier to sop up”

It doesn’t say anything about fabric, but I think hydrogen peroxide is pretty harmless. Good luck!

nicole, did you get the stain out?