Completely new to knitting

So, I’m completely new to this, and I’d like some tips on how to get started, what materials to buy and what project you’d recommend starting out with to get me used to it.

Get some medium thick yarn (may have a 4 on the label or be called worsted weight) and some size 10 needles. The yarn should be smooth and lighter colored, the needles can be circular, they’re easier to handle than straight ones. I would suggest just practicing for a little while - learn to cast on (a couple different ways), how to make knit sts and purl sts, then decreases and increases, and binding off. There’s videos for all of them on this site, including some basic stitch patterns on the Tips page. Cast on about 20 or 30 sts, knit several rows until you have the knit stitch figured out, then alternate a knit row with a purl row for several inches. You can try alternating knit and purl sts on the same row, like k2 p2, or k4 p4. If you knit long enough and use different stitches you’ll end up with a ‘sampler’ scarf or doll blanket. It’s really a lot of fun to play with the yarn as you learn, and less frustrating than trying to make a project and learn at the same time.

Look at the top of this page to the “Free videos” there is a lot of good videos and directions under that tab. There is a tab “Getting Started” that gives a lot of good information.

If you have questions there are a lot of people here to help.

My first project was/is a soft toy. It’s a simple enough pattern but I knew I’d get bored with a scarf or something plain! I use you tube a lot to learn what I need to know.

(If I couldn’t find the instructions on you tube I’d ask on this forum!)

Hi and welcome to KH! I’d just add that expecting perfection at the start will only be frustrating, go easy on yourself and know that a “mistake” is a learning opportunity in disguise.