Completely messed up stitch... HELP!

Ok, this time I’ve really done it… I have absolutely no idea what happened. I came to a spot where I noticed I had a purl stitch on a row of knit stitches, so I tried to drop a couple of stitches in order to fix it. I did this successfully just the other day so I wasn’t at all worried, but it looks like I messed up big time! I think because the stitch was on a row that’s right next to the start of my garter stitch, that must have confused me. Anyway, here’s my hot mess of a stitch. I could just ignore it and keep going, but it looks SO AWFUL. I really don’t want to give this blanket to my cousin now. Any of you guys able to help me?

Front side:

Back side:

It looks like you just missed knitting a stitch. On the purl side you can see the yarn skipping over that st and joining the two flanking sts. Work to the st and again, drop it off the needle and let it drop 2 rows. Then pick up the looping yarn where the st was missed, pick up the loop on the next row and then back to the st on the needle. I find this is easier to do from the knit side with a crochet hook. Keep checking the purl side as you pick up to make sure you’ve gotten all the loops and you’ll be fine.

I don’t have a crochet hook! :waah:

No problem! You can use your knitting needles. They’ll work just fine.

I DID IT!!! I FIXED IT!! :woot: Oh, you are THE BEST! :muah: You just saved my night and saved me from crying. Lol. Thanks for much for helping so quickly! :hug:


Great. i knew you could do it!

Yeah. So glad you’re learning to fix the goofs now. It’ll make you a better, more confident knitter faster to know you can always fix mistakes.

Yes! I feel like I could tackle almost anything now that I’ve become a pro at dropping and picking up stitches. Lol.