comparing cotton thread specs to yarn


I have a doll wedding dress pattern that uses 2 mm needles and 8/4 cotton. Is there an equivalent weight yarn? Is this like fingering or lace yarn? The only 8/4 cotton I see is very dull and drab looking.


See if this article helps
It looks like 8/4 may be similar to lace weight.


Thank you, I’ll try some lace weight I have in my stash. I don’t think Barbie is all that fussy about fit, but I hate to have to do this twice when there are more interesting people projects to attend to.


I had not seen that measure before so I looked it up. Here is what I found.

A better way to compare fiber is to count wraps per inch (or per cm). You will want to use a light tension so you do not stretch the fiber while wrapping.