Comfort Vest

This started out as Lion Brand’s Comfort Shawl, but mom requested I turn it into a vest for her, since she loved the color. I always have an easy project I can do in the dark or without looking, and Homespun is very forgiving that way :teehee:. It’s all garter stitch.

It’s already on my Ravelry project page with instructions on how to do the front if anyone’s interested.

Looks great on her . Very nice :slight_smile:

It looks great - how cute

Hey, that is a niffty idea, turning a shawl into a vest. It looks really nice.

Well isn’t that clever! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: What a great idea and she looks very happy!

That’s very pretty! What a clever idea to turn it into a vest. :yay:

That looks great.

looks great, she’s stylin in it.

Very nice… and creative and your mom looks beautiful in it!

What a great idea,and she does look good in it. Love the bottom section where the color change is.

Great job! I turned out wonderful and looks perfect on her!!

Very nice! Maybe I’ll try this for my next project.

This looks really nice…and it fits your mother very well!! Nice work!

great lady, great vest:cheering:

i love this idea
beautifully done
i am a member of raverly but cant get any info
for some reason

Hmmm! I know I had a little trouble with Ravelry this past weekend. Here’s the direct link if you want it.