Comfort Shawl -

Ok so I saw this shawl and thought “hey I can do this”. My nana is having a rough time lately with family and I thought she would love a comfort shawl.

So I’ve got my yarn, printed out the pattern, got my needles, learned how to do the provisional cast on from amy’s video and now I’m stumped.

There is the link to the .pdf file so maybe someone can help me out.

I’ve never done anything with a provisional cast on so this is new to me. Has anyone done this shawl before?

Neckband: With waste yarn and crochet hook, use the
crochet chain provisional CO method (see box) to CO 7 sts.
Set-up row: (RS) K2, p1, k1, p1, k2. Work 52 rows as foll: Sl
1 pwise wyf, [k1, p1] 2 times, k2. Next row: (WS) With same
side of work facing you, rotate piece so selvedge at end
of row just completed is uppermost. Bring yarn to front.
Skipping the first slipped selvedge st closest to the needle,
*wyf, insert right needle from back to front under both
legs of next slipped selvedge st, wrap yarn around needle
as if to purl, and draw up a purl st onto right needle; rep
from * 25 more times—26 sts picked up and purled from
selvedge of piece; 33 sts total. With same side of work still
facing you, carefully unzip the provisional CO at base of
piece and place 7 live sts onto left needle, correcting st
mounts as necessary. Work across these 7 sts as k2, p1, k1,
p1, k2—40 sts.[/I]

Ok what in the world is all this? LOL. I’ve got the setup row which is my right side row. Then it says to work 52 rows as follows: sl 1 pwise wyf, [k1, p1] 2 times, k2. Is that on the RS row as well? The next row says the WS row.

Hmm maybe someone might be able to write it step by step for me? I don’t know. My yarn store is so far away, so any help would be great!

Maybe you want to come to texas and show me? Crossed Fingers

The rest of the pattern doesn’t seem so hard. I’m just not understanding the neckband part I guess.

Thanks ladies!


OK I should of checked to see if this was discuessed before and let me put out what I’ve pieced together and you ladies tell me if I’m anywhere near the ballpark.

First step is to cast on 7 stitches using the provisional cast on.
2nd step is to do the step-up row (RS) k2, p1, k1, p1, k2.
3rd step is to do 52 rows of : sl 1 pwise wft, [k1, p1] 2x, k2.
4th step is then that row 53 with start with the picking up of stitches.

Is this sounding right?



What you are doing is knitting a neckband. Having completed the neckband you will then pick up stitches to knit the body of the piece. the Original cast on stitches and the final row of the neckband morph into the edge stitches of the body of the shawl/ette; the stitches picked up along the side of the neckband become the body of the shawl.

Does that make sense?


Yes I got it. The wording for the picking up stitches, imo is a bit much. It’s like picking up stitches when doing socks. Same idea.

So I got it and I’m cooking with grease now. Thanks ladies!