Combining stitches on stitch holder

Hi - I have knitted the pieces to a shaker sweater, front, back and
2 sleeves and 3 of the sections are on stitch holders. I need to
get stitches back together to finish the collar, but don’t know what
to do with the yarn that is left hanging on each of the stitch holders.
The instructions said to slip last # of stitches on stitch holder.
I am wondering if I was supposed to do anything else besides
cut the end of the yarn each time I used a stitch holder. Now do I just tie each piece of yarn together to finish knitting all stitches together in a row. Is it possible to change the directions from using knitting needles to a circular needle?

As long as you leave enough yarn on each holder to weave your ends in when you are finished, you can simply cut them.

Do you mean use a circular needle to finish the collar? You can use circular needles the same way you would use straight needles and knit back and forth. I do all my flat knitting on circular needles.

If you want to knit the collar in the round, I think you need to leave off a couple of stitches that would be used for seaming.

Sometimes I just knit the tail into the next piece, holding it with the other yarn for about 3-4 stitches. Then weave the remaining inch or so.

When you begin to load all the pieces onto your needle BE SURE that the same sides are still facing the same way. Like, all Right Sides (RS) facing you, or all wrong sides, whatever the pattern recommends. Don’t intermix them. That would not be good for your pattern stitch!

thanks for your help. I love having all these experts at my disposal.
Maybe someday I can help somebody too…when I get really good!!!